Planning Ahead…

May 2012

Well, I didn’t expect to be blogging again so soon, but I had advisement yesterday and a lot of what my adviser and I talked about was NY. I must admit, after I found out about my acceptance into the program, I was living in euphoric bliss. But after it died down a bit, I started to worry about if I was going to be able to fulfill all my requirements in the fall before leaving. After all, while in NY I’m only taking two classes. Would I graduate on time?

First off, I love my adviser. She was my adviser freshman year, then for some reason all JOU students are switched to CASA for advisement sophomore year, and now I’m back with her again. She is also currently my Advanced Magazine Editing professor. I remember during our first meeting she told me something like, “You’re going to be surprised at how fast the time will fly by. I get students in here who are about to graduate and were sitting in your seat just yesterday.”

Wow. Yesterday while I was in her office planning out my last year of college, I realized how right she was. I remember asking her for more information on the Baylor in New York program, and there I was, telling her the big news.

The program was designed for Film and Digital Media majors, but Dr. Kickasola also encourages communications and journalism majors to apply. Every year, only a select few from the latter are chosen to go, so my adviser started off by congratulating me for representing the JOU department well.

As it turns out, I will not have to slave away at summer school trying to cram in classes to fulfill my requirements. Nope, no sir. No summer school for me. BIG relief. I have been on track this entire time. Thanks of course to advisement every semester and me never changing my major.

However, I seemed to have forgotten about HP courses (PE credits..). I will be taking three HPs come fall. My adviser and I laughed and laughed at the thought, but she reassured me she’s seen stranger things. I am going to try and get into:

1. Social Dance
2. Yoga
3. Relaxation <– HA

Other than those, I only have to take one JOU class and two marketing classes, then Hello NYC and graduation.

Until next time,



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