Time Goes By In The Blink Of An Eye…

Fall Is Here

It’s October.

I start applying for internships this month! I can’t believe how much time has already passed. It seems like just yesterday I was dancing around my room after I found out I was actually going to New York.

I’ve thought about blogging often, but I never had much to blog. Although there WAS a scare at the beginning of August…

I was sitting watching TV one day when all of a sudden I realized summer was coming to an end. The thought process thereafter went something like this:

-That means fall semester is stating soon.

-Which means it’s my last semester at Baylor.

-Which means at the end of the semester I’m moving from Waco, back home and then to NY.

-New York.

-New York…..wait….I’m going, but I haven’t paid the balance yet…

-Weren’t there summer deadlines to pay…?

Yep. There were deadlines over the summer to pay the balance of the program fee. Searching through my emails I found the acceptance email and saw that one deadline was June 1 and the other was July 1. It was somewhere around August 2-3.

I panicked. My heart started racing. Was my spot going to be given away? Had it ALREADY been given away? I sent an email to my professor right away apologizing profusely for overlooking the deadline. I told him I had the money and could pay it the very next day if I had to.

The suspense was antagonizing. What was his reply going to be? “Sorry, you missed two deadlines to pay, I already gave your spot away…” but I figured he would have sent me an email letting me know that information.

About four hours later I heard the alert sound on my iPhone that signifies I’d gotten an email. I held my breath while checking………..

WHAT A RELIEF. He said he had logged on to his email account to send a notification email out to students about payment, warning them if they didn’t contact him soon he’d be forced to give spots away. I was just in the nick of time!

The next day I had to call my boss and tell her I’d have to miss work in order to drive to Waco to drop off the check. I could have mailed it, but I felt much better physically handing the check to the journalism department secretary and my worries were completely assuaged as I saw her check me off the list.

I also wasn’t the only one that had missed the deadlines. The secretary told me only five or six people had paid in full so far. I guess like me, people were so excited about getting accepted to the program, they forgot to mark important dates on their calendars.

So here I am in October, researching companies I want to intern for and slowly (but surely) narrowing down my choices. TO BE CONTINUED!



One response to “Time Goes By In The Blink Of An Eye…

  1. Good luck with those applications! They’d have to be crazy to not accept you.

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