Getting Sentimental…

According to the countdown on my iPhone, there are only 65 days, 13 hours, 29 minutes and 3 seconds left until I move to New York.

Things have been extremely hectic. With end of the semester projects, presentations, last round of tests before finals, AND applying for internships/setting up interviews, my life has been a blur…

I get sentimental about EVERYTHING. I’m really going to miss my friends, Baylor and maybe even Waco. Maybe Waco. Nah who am I kidding, just my friends and Baylor. And the simple life, really. Being in New York will be extremely different. We’ve been told we will absolutely be in the “working world.”

I feel like I just found out Santa isn’t real…I’m growing up.

These last three and a half years went by faster than I ever dreamed they would, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

“Now I leave the party early, at least with no regrets.
I watch the sun as it comes up, I watch it as it sets.
Yeah…this is as good as it gets.”


One response to “Getting Sentimental…

  1. Alot of life to live between now and then! Enjoy tomorrow and the next….it will come! Luv ya darlin pop

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