At Last…

The View

Aaaaaaaand cue music. (Something New Yorky like Empire State of Mind or New York, New York.)

I have arrived! Finally. I started this blog in MARCH. Can’t believe it.

I’ve decided Sunday will be my designated blogging day so if you’re DYING to know what trouble I’m getting into these next four months or so, you’ll know where to find me…

So here it is, the view from my apartment balcony. I must have done something right to not only be here in New York but wake up to this view every morning.

My parents and I arrived on Thursday around noon so we had all day to explore. First stop, Times Square. (Obviously. We wouldn’t be good tourists if we hadn’t gone there first, right? Plus, it’s only a five minute train ride from where I live. #seriously?)

We were starving from our trip, so we found a delicious restaurant on a street off of Times Square and had what else….New York Pizza.

I didn’t move in until Saturday, so we also had all day Friday to galavant around town. My mom picked up a brochure at the hotel for a five-hour tour of the city so from 10am until 3pm we hit up all the sights. We also ended up seeing Chicago on Thursday night, and ended up deciding last minute to go to a really cute show called Anything Goes on Friday.

My parents headed back to Houston around 3 today. It kind of felt like a mini vacation with them being here and staying in a hotel the first few nights. I’m really glad they came with me; it was nice having a few days to learn the subway and city with them there.

Speaking of work…I start my internship at Alison Brod PR tomorrow! After careful consideration, I felt this company would be the best fit for me. I had other internship offers–all of which were at outstanding and well-known companies,  but this particular company trains interns and hires on a high percentage of them after they go through the program–great news to my ears. I have been put on the beauty team (the company has five different divisions) and am super excited to see what this semester has in store for me. This Baylor in NY program will help me grow not only as a professional but as a person as well, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be in early May when it’s all over.

Ok I know this post was kind of just a run down of events and nothing too fun or exciting (I didn’t even get to tell you about me and my roommate Jessica’s experience at a vintage clothing shop or the museum we happened to meander by…) but that’s because I’ve been so busy! Stay tuned though. I’m sure there are a ton of great stories to come.


2 responses to “At Last…

  1. WOW! I am so excited for you! This is amazing…and you are so lucky! I miss you so much (and Missy) 🙂 Can’t wait for more updates!!

  2. That’s a fantastic view from your balcony!

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