We live here? WE LIVE HERE!

Waiting in line to see Fallon.

It’s Sunday! Are you excited for my lengthy post about all the amazing things I’ve been up to? I am!

So since my last post I have worked a full week (well…full week to me means Monday through Thursday) at my internship, seen famous people, eaten my weight in NY food, gotten on the wrong trains and gotten off at the wrong train stops, and have finally started to believe what’s happening IS in fact, truly happening. But before I get to the fun stuff, first things first! WORK.

On Monday, after a restless night of dreams about what the heck I was about to get myself into, Jessica (my bunkmate and fellow Alison Brod PR intern) and I set our alarms early in order to get up and get ready before heading to our first day of our internships. We left the apartment earlier than we figured we normally would just in case something went wrong on the way to work, which did happen. Even though we rehearsed the route to work the evening before, we still managed to get off on the wrong stop. Never fear, we quickly corrected our oops and were back on track in a matter of minutes. We were still earlier than we planned so we took ourselves and our nerves into the McDonald’s a block from our office to fluff our hair and find our confidence before heading to our Park Avenue building. We changed from flats to heels in the lobby, and headed to the fourth floor where magical things started happening.

First, let me set the stage. Pink EVERYWHERE. Hot pink, light pink, pink wallpaper, pink candy in candy jars all OVER the place that is at our disposal, and hot pink bags, ribbon, furniture, and decorations. As you might assume, no men work there; the office is filled with around 40 beautiful stylish women who for the most part are within ten to 15 years of my age. I thought I’d be dressed appropriately in pencil skirts and clothes of the more business-like nature, but looking around the office at these women in sky high heels and trendy outfits I knew I’d have to figure out a way to spruce my wardrobe up a bit.

I tried to be discrete while taking this picture...it's the view from the intern desk, pink pink pink!

After waiting a bit for some direction (we were still early) I was told I was put on the Lifestyle team when before I thought I’d be on the Beauty team. I was really excited about this. Some of the Lifestyle clients include Skyy vodka, Midori, La-Z Boy and Godiva to name a few..very few there are so many. My mentor told me we also work very closely with the celebrity division…um awesome? I then got a quick tour of the office. I was shown which cabinets housed which products;  top to bottom and cabinet after cabinet of make-up, hair products, Godiva, Vodka (yep a cabinet full top to bottom of Skyy Vodka), lotions, night creams…just..imagine what it might be like to die and go to girly beauty heaven and you’ll end up in this office.

The first half of the day one of the other interns on the lifestyle team explained what the internship was like on a day-to-day basis which was really helpful, and I got my first task. I was to get online and find positive press about Kim Kardashian because she’s the spokesperson for Midori (a client as mentioned above). This proved to be very difficult…most of the press surrounding Kim K lately as everyone knows is allllll bad, but I managed to fine tune my search-engine words and got some articles about her undeniable business success. Audrey for the win.

The rest of the week consisted of doing the normal and expected internship things like unpacking boxes and running errands. But the errands can be pretty cool. Like Thursday for instance, me and another intern took a cab to Saks Fifth Avenue to get two gift cards. Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton…every where I turned was another blastedly huge name brand. It was the equivalent of feeling like a kid in a candy shop with no money and the candy looks so absolutely, positively like you know it’s probably the best candy you’d ever get to taste but again…you have no money. The other interns (all together there’s about 10 of us, spread across four departments) are such fun girls. Jess and I have made quick friends with quite a few of them and sometime this week we’re gonna try and get to a happy hour.

Beauty products Jessica got to take home the first day. She was sweet enough to grab me some curly hair products which just happen to be my favorite!

So other than work, New York has been absolutely fantastic. Surprisingly, everyone here is so nice. Men DO hold doors for you, not all of them but I’d say nine times out of ten they will, and New Yorkers are quick to give you directions or tell you which train to take when you look lost. They also give you great advice on local places to visit. I have had quite a few “Oh  New York” moments, like when this girl came up to me while shopping around and asked if I knew God (I told her why yes, we’re good friends and I let her read me some bible verses), and also when I died laughing as a woman crossed the crosswalk when she so obviously didn’t have “the little man” and a delivery truck laid its horn on right as she passed in front of them causing her to jump five feet in the air. But I’m still surprised everyday.

Class is going to be fun, but also a challenge. We have lots of stuff to see and do, and days we have class are going to be very long (work 9:30 to 6, class 7-10:30 on Tuesday/Wednesday) but it’s been entertaining and as everyone in the program keeps saying, “we have the best group that’s every done this program.” Randomly as we’re out and about together someone will end up saying, “I love our group!” We’re a diverse group of students who have worked so hard to get here and we’re soaking up ever minute of it! Every once in a while I’ll still have a conversation with someone that goes a little something like this,

“Can you believe we live here? WE LIVE HERE!”

A few of us girls waiting in the lobby of our apartment for others before a night out!

Since this post has gotten to be pretty long, I’ll just recap some of the other stuff that’s happened:

  • Went to see Jimmy Fallon rehearse his monologue on Friday. One of the girls here is interning with his show and got us tickets to see him. They gauge how well the jokes are based on the test audience’s response, and it helps them determine what goes in the live show!
  • The mom from Gossip Girl came into work on Tuesday. I’ve never seen the show and was just going about my business right in front of her and didn’t realize it. Oops.
  • Ate delicious Greek food with most of the students in the program after visiting the Museum of the Moving Image. Saw the Jim Henson exhibit among other very cool props and things like that. We also sat in on a talk with director David Cronenburg and saw a screening of his film, “A History of Violence.”


  • Had our first night out in the city in the East Village….when you’re with a big group of pretty girls you get free stuff……
  • Saw our first NY snow.

The snowy morning I woke up to on Saturday.

Since so much goes on I might start blogging daily or just when I have time throughout the week. Thanks to all my followers and to everyone who reads my posts! I’m off to do homework and laundry…what an exciting day!


6 responses to “We live here? WE LIVE HERE!

  1. I really wish you had your own show like The City lol then we could all watch all the fun stuff you’ll be doing! Sounds like you’re having a blast, good luck with everything. I know you’ll be great at it all!

  2. Loved reading about what you’ve been doing! Your blog is so entertaining. Love the pictures you included. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. So exciting! Love reading and following! ❤

  4. wow you are so lucky what a DREAM JOB. It sounds even better than Devil Wears Prada (no steak down the sink there!). I feel like I just went to New York for a bit 🙂 Miss you like crazy here! btw, these posts are amazing.

  5. Thanks everyone! love and miss you all! OH and Amy, Whitney Port came to the office a couple of years ago when she was filming The City. You can actually YouTube it and see the clip of them in and around the office! I read an interview with Alison Brod and she said she was approached about getting a show of their own but she turned it down!

  6. omg i totally remember that episode! i love all the pink!

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