The City Is My Boyfriend

It’s been exactly one month and two days since I moved to the big apple. I can’t believe it! It’s mine and the city’s one-month anniversary–and just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been joking around with my girlfriends here that I was going to be anti-Valentine’s Day and wear black instead of red or pink to showcase my disdain. But  last night as I was gazing into my closet looking for something black, I heard the rumble of the train and took a look at the New York skyline (something I do a lot when I’m at home) and realized that joking or not, I should celebrate all the love that’s in my life, including the love I have for this city.

I ended up picking a bright red pencil skirt to wear with matching bright red lipstick. I even got up a little earlier than usual to style my hair and took my time putting on my make-up. For the first time since I started my internship five weeks ago, girls in the office complimented me left and right saying how pretty I looked and that something was different about me. I replied and said, “Oh, well I just actually took the time to get ready today.”

Jessica and I laughed and laughed later on as I voiced, “Well what do they normally think about me? I’m going to show up tomorrow and they’re gonna say, ‘Oh there you are.'” If we worked around men we’d look that pretty every day, but since we work in an office full of women, 30 extra minutes of sleep time is much more valuable than the time it would take to meticulously put on make-up and fluff out hair.

So as I was saying earlier, it was me and my boyfriend New York’s one month anniversary on the 12th. The weekend before last he treated me very well with a cultural experience in Flushing, the blossoming Chinese neighborhood in Queens.

It was the Chinese New Year and a big parade was held for the celebration. Stepping off the train and into Flushing was like stepping into another country. All the signs were in Chinese, and English was the minority language.  After the parade, which was filled with traditional chinese costumes, music and traditions, the whole BCNY group (minus two) went for an authentic Chinese meal.

The BCNY group at lunch at a delicious Chinese restaurant in Flushing.

I felt slightly bad for our waiter because there were so many of us, but it was so much fun having everyone there even if that meant practically sitting on each other. We were pretty exhausted from our fun-filled day, so later that night a group of us opted to go see a movie for our film class. We got pizza then saw The Descendants starring George Clooney. I definitely see why George (yeah we’re on a first name basis) is nominated for the Best Actor oscar. He goes on an emotional roller coaster in that film and I think  he gave such a great performance.

Another reason why we wanted to have a low-key night, was because the next day was the Super Bowl. Since the Giants were fighting for the title, we knew we were going to want to find a New York bar to watch it. We found a place in Astoria and had an amazing time watching the Giants win it for New York and the reactions were great.

The Giants had just won the Super Bowl; Happy celebration!

Mmmm bar food.

After it ended, the first song the bar blasted was of course, Empire State of Mind. Love this place.

So this past weekend, my boyfriend New York surprised me with a little bit of snow. Not much, just enough for it to feel like a magical place, but doesn’t it always?

It was also the end of 2 for 1 off-broadway week, so a few of us scurried around, rallied together and bought tickets to see STOMP. It was beyond entertaining. It made me miss my old drum line buddies from high school and had me reminiscing the rest of the night.

So this is pretty dark. But it's us outside of the Orpheum Theater after the STOMP performance.

Saturday we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and let me just say, I will definitely be going back. I saw so many amazing paintings and probably only saw 1/100th of the whole museum.

Bueller, Bueller...

After the museum we were starving and started walking around trying to find a place to eat. Museum Mile is perpendicular to Madison Avenue where we saw shops such as Christian Louboutin. While standing around trying to figure out where to go I had a conversation with one of my roomies saying one of the first purchases we buy will be a pair of Louboutin’s with that striking red bottom. “That’s when you’ll know you’ve made it!”

Obviously we were in the wrong area for food. We asked a man in passing where we should go to eat, and he told us unless we wanted to pay a house mortgage for our meal we were going to have to walk a few blocks. We finally found a diner which we classified as the rich man’s Denny’s called 3 Guys. I had the most delicious burger and fries which was what I was craving all afternoon.

What was funny and reminded me just how small of a world it really is, was that we sat next to a couple from Austin. The girlfriend noticed one of our college rings and told us she knew we were probably from the south. Her boyfriend was getting his MBA from UT and they were in the city for the weekend. New York is big but the world is smaller.

After having a little fun with Cait’s camera,

Too cool.

We finally decided to head home.

The more I spend time with New York, the more I love it. The city is such a good boyfriend. I’m really starting to think this could be a serious, long-term relationship.


4 responses to “The City Is My Boyfriend

  1. Wishing you both the best of luck, and that your boyfriend will provide Louboutin’s soon!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing your love!

  3. Love reading this blog! So entertaining and fun to read!

  4. Buy me some Louboutins. We HAVE to go shopping there when I visit.

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