About Audrey

My name is Audrey, and I’m a Journalism/Public Relations Major at Baylor University.

I knew I wanted a career in the field of journalism when I was in the seventh grade. My english teacher called me up to her desk while the rest of the class was working on composition papers. She sat me down, told me what a wonderful writer I was and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without hesitation or any prior thought to this question I answered “A journalist.” I’m certain it was a God thing. My love for journalism blossomed in high school; I was one of four freshmen asked to join the newspaper staff for the spring semester. By my senior year I was Editor in Chief and I couldn’t wait to get to college to focus on journalism.

Once at Baylor, I learned there were two different paths I could take: PR or News/Editorial. I didn’t know too much about PR at that point, but for some reason I knew PR was the path I needed to take. I am also pursuing a concentration in Marketing.

This blog will follow me on my journey to NYC and everything that happens while I’m there. I was accepted into a program called “Baylor in New York,” and am one of 17 students going in the Spring of 2012. I will be taking two classes and working at an internship which I will start applying for in October. The big move will be in January 2012. For as long as I’ve wanted to be a journalist I’ve wanted to go to New York; I used to think, “How cliche, how many people have said they wanted to move to New York to fulfill a dream?” Well, I am very blessed to be able to get the chance to live mine out.

Additional Information: I’m from Spring, Texas, and have the most wonderful, loving parents, and an older brother who can always make me laugh. I will miss them deeply when I’m in NY. I love food, cold weather, Texas, Christmas songs, traveling, rain, Disney movies, any movie, music and my dog Missy. I said it once, I’ll say it again; I am very blessed.


3 responses to “About Audrey

  1. Nawal Abdeladim

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!!!! I’ve very proud of you 🙂

    Live it up!

  2. Best of luck in the city! I did the same “cliche” thing in 2009; I moved here without a job and all has turned out exceptionally well. I look forward to reading more about your NYC adventures!

  3. Kellie Pearson

    Hi, Audrey! I came across your Linked In profile after joining one of the Baylor student groups and ended up here after excitedly seeing that you spent a semester interning in NYC. (Hopefully that doesn’t sound toooo stalkerish haha!) I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I’m actually transferring to Baylor this fall to major in journalism also – long story short, we are pretty much the same person (I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was little, was also the editor of my high school (and community college) newspaper, my life long dream is to go write in NYC, AND I am from Spring, Texas too!) Small world! 😀 I was wondering if you could share any tips or advice with me on how you got chosen to be a part of the NYC internship program or really anything in general about journalism at Baylor too–I am all new so would love any info I can get! You can reach me at pearson.kellie@yahoo.com 🙂

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