Planning Ahead…

May 2012

Well, I didn’t expect to be blogging again so soon, but I had advisement yesterday and a lot of what my adviser and I talked about was NY. I must admit, after I found out about my acceptance into the program, I was living in euphoric bliss. But after it died down a bit, I started to worry about if I was going to be able to fulfill all my requirements in the fall before leaving. After all, while in NY I’m only taking two classes. Would I graduate on time? Continue reading


Only 289 Days To Go…

Here I Come

I found out about the Baylor in New York program when I was a freshman. The moment I heard about it, I went back to my dorm and looked up the program online. I downloaded the application to my desktop, read over it, and there it sat for the next two years until I would finally apply. Continue reading